Since 1960 Barangay Tagaytay, was created, it was    named Tagaytay because of high straight mountain along the boundary of South Cotabato, 982 of population was Bla’an. First Teniente the Barangay was FABIO CABILLO and a First native settler was; Saladays, Teofelo Hingpit, Marcelino Necanor, Magne Gabay, Pesyong Estrabello.50% Forest land belong to integrated social foresty and disposable area.

Talusob – Taken from the name of the river that passing by in the sitie, first people living in are Bla’an,lead by Datu MATIANAK, Datu LUGUISAN, with their family and relatives.

In the year 1963- People living and expand in numbers, due to this they does idea to make the place an a setie of a barangay Balnate, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, though the read is not accessible the people united the affiliate a religion and this was CAMACOP,the worker is Rev. Marcelino Necanor, to trained in a literacy Program.

Year 1967- Brgy. Tagaytay become a regular Brgy.of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, and FABIO CABILLO, become a first Brgy. Captain and it was then that sitie Talusob become a sitie of Brgy. Tagaytay.

Year 1970-Another Brgy. Captain in position in the person TEOFELO HINGPIT, this time no project extended to setie Talusob due to uncertain situation of peace and order.

Year 1981 to 1986- Another leadership take position in the person of LUCAS PADIAN, Project implementation opening of road from Brgy. Balnate to setie Talusob and the Kilusang Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran(KKK).

Year 1986 to 88 –It was Edsa Revolution and Lucas Pandian cannot exercise his power anymore with this Francisco Angat, appointed an OIC Brgy. Captain no project implemented.

Year 1988 – Conduct of Brgy. Election by means of take all and, CESARIO B. BANAN, got the highest vote and automatic he take oath as a Brgy. Captain, Project implemented:

  1. Re- opening of Brgy. road from Brgy. Balnate to sitio Talusob.
  2. Multi-purpose movement
  3. Construction of School Building.

Year 1994 – Another Brgy. Election and Tammy Bulahing as Brgy. Captain. The established of Primary school, road opening from Brgy. Balnate to sitio Talusob, Masaccare of by muslim later on Bla’an tribe was able to unite (pangayaw) against muslim rebel.

Year  1997 up to the Present- Another Brgy. Election was Conducted and this time, CESARIO B. BANAN, elected as Brgy. Capt. for the third time. This time as what the peole living in sitio Talusob say that there’s  a little improvements they seen base on what they have ; Brgy. HALL, ROOMS STANDARD SCHOOL BUILDING, temporary Spring Development, and the Solar Energy. And timely also under the term of the present Brgy. Captain, that tha LGU of Magsaysay through the initiative of Hon. Engr. ARTHUR  D. Davin, Mun. Mayor and the UDP have a linkages and agreed to bind to extend a Development progress in the Upland areas, particularly in Brgy. Tagaytay as a pilot Brgy. The people living in are very happy to accept and support the program and comply any requirements and processes that might be made in the present and there after.

Year 2000 – UDP Consoltation to Brgy. council purok leader, PRA to Barangay Constituents, Brgy. , Sitio profiling was made by the PPO and MPO TEAM.


Punong Barangay:
Cesario B. Banan

Contact Number:
0975 285 2846


  1. Fernan M. Awe
  2. Edgar P. Buan
  3. Tammy D. Bulahing
  4. Apolinario T. Constantino
  5. Ramel A. Pandacan
  6. Eduardo E. Mangalin
  7. Felimon P. Daya

SK President: Marne Juana C. Mangalin
Secretary: Jessamae S. Bulahing
Treasurer: Eliza M. Manib