Before the coming of settlers from the Island of Luzon, and some different farmers, the Island of Mindanao was very rich in soil and wide area. In fact, it was called as “the Land of Promise”

The inhabitants of this the by clearing and cultivating portion of the land, Under the leadership of Datu Ipag Addem, Datu Sampiano Onteal and the Tagbabawa tribe of the Bagobo.

The said place was called Sitio Baclayon ny natives because one has to cross the Bulatukan river with mixed gravel and sandy type of soil.

In the year 1935, the place was surveyed and the agricultural area was ditributed to early settlers from the tribes of Bagobo, B’laan, Muslim and other settlers from Cebu, Bohol and Luzon.

When the World War II was declared in December 1941, the inhabitants evacuated to another place because the boundary of Davao Province and North Cotabato was the firing line between American soldiers and the Filipinos versus the Japanese Imperial Army. In the year 1949, after the liberation, Sitio Baclayon was named New Opon, because most of the new settlers came from Cebu under the leadership of Mr. Alejandro Dinoy and Benito Lantape Sr.

In April 1985, the inhabitants of this place petitioned to high authorities that their area will be created into a barangay. Hence, Barangay New Opon was born. Mr. Estebaya Epal was appointed as the first acting Punong Barangay of New Opon. The Municipality Mayor at that time, Hon. Pilar Navidad, appointed Mr. Ignacio R. Lantape, Sr. as the Barangay Captain and Six Barangay Kagawad namely:

  • Kag. Alfonso Alag
  • Kag. Benjamin Bag-ong
  • Kag. Alejandro Dinoy
  • Kag. Guillermo Dinoy, Sr.
  • Kag. Ambrosio Canoy
  • Kag. Benedicto Fernandez

The late Segundo Kibatay, Barangay Secretary and late Marcial Paguibot as Barangay Treasurer at the time, following were the teaching staff of New Opon Elementary School:

  • Mrs. Gloria T. Baguio
  • Mrs. Ceria B. Maceren
  • Miss Nancy Pagaran
  • Mrs. Isabel Luzano
  • Mrs. Helen Hinampus
  • Mr. Enrique E. Andres
  • And the principal Mr. Mercelino Jugadora.

In the 2002 elections, the Barangay Officials of New Opon are as follows:

Punong Barangay: Mr. Ignacio R. Lantape, Sr.
Kagawad: Nicolas Granada
Columba Bucog
Felix Imboy
Virgilio Adaptar
Romeo Dinoy
Norie Singson
Barangay Secretary: Mr. Bienvenido Ganoy
Barangay Treasurer: Mr. Alberto L. Andres
Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson: Guillermo Dinoy, Jr.

At present, the teaching staff are Mrs. Fe D. Sosmena, Mrs. Virginia J. Jabonero, Mr. Clodualdo M. Marte, Miss Yudesa L. Andres and Mrs. Edna F. Bada and the principal Mrs. Teodora A. Hisola.

The Barangay celebrates its anniversary every third May of every year, and Barangay fiesta, every fifteen day of September with Patron Sr. San Isidro.


Punong Barangay:
Arnulo F. Abapo Sr.

Contact Number:
0907 409 3979


  1. Evelyn H. Arisco
  2. Cirilo C. Capa
  3. Richard F. Alag
  4. Ronald D. Panagsagan
  5. Virgilio D. Adaptar
  6. Florencio D. Adaptar
  7. Ronilo D. Lantape

SK President : Judyann E. Sacedor
Secretary : Romelyn Amamangpang
Treasurer : Angelo Corsado