Barangay New Ilocos got its named from the Ilocos Region, wherein most of the Barangay constituents came from the Ilocos region, whom resides this place this is why they called it New Ilocos. It was a long time, that this place was a sitio of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, until with the great effort and immediate action of the Municipal Councilor Mr. Victor Salvador Sr; Calendar year 1965, this place became a Barrio.

            After, the declaration of this Barangay; dated September 28, 1965. The first elected head of this Barangay or Teniente del Barrio was Mr. Genaro Dumayas, Sr., with his councilmen and serve their duties and responsibilities to their fellowmen, until their termed end and new set of Barangay Officials elected.

Barangay New Ilocos Road Foundation

Barangay New Ilocos roads were made through Bayanihan, with the great effort of the concerned Barangay constituents and their better determination yo finished the passable roads, they always worked this until they accomplished it. With the supervision of the local government the passable road right of way was maintained well and the Barangay Government Unit continue to supervised the areas and named the existing roads as: Don Mariano Marcos Road, 3,000 meters to Bala, Elpedio Quirino Roads as, 3,000 meters to Barangay San Isidro Faustino Foronda Road, 2, 000 meters to sitio Bob, Barayong and Doronio Road, 1,000 meters from Elpedio Quirino Road to Don Mariano Road; Mariano Villarosa Road, 2,000 meters from Elpedio Qurino Road to Barangay Bala.

Barangay New Ilocos Elementary School Foundation

The New Ilocos Elementary School was build-up, calendar year 1962. Its site was donated by Mr. Genaro Dumayas Sr., a one (1) hectare parcel of land and the other one hectare was donated by the concerned Barangay constituents, they contributed financially to purchase the mentioned land and the total school site areas were (2) hectares.

Eventhough, they financially constrains the concerned constituents every year, build one roomto augment grades level and they finally reach their wished and finished the six (6) rooms, Calendar year, 1967.


Punong Barangay:
Genaro D. Dumayas Jr.

Contact Number:
0951 376 3192


  1. Marcelino N. Cadang Sr.
  2. Reynaldo C. Ramon Sr.
  3. Benjamin B. Dumayas Jr.
  4. Elgie R. Dumayas
  5. Allan V. Banuelos
  6. Angelito B. Dumayas Sr.
  7. Jerson B. Nasilla

SK President: Junel H. Baac
Secretary: Junoel C. Nebrija
Treasurer: Marilyn R. Guira