In the very beginning, 1954-1958 this place was known as LITTLE BACUNGAN, a Sitio of Barangay Bacungan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur under the leadership of DATU DANGGALAN OKING, a Blaan Tribe. In 1959 their was a person named Mr. Oloy Abas, a cebuano who occupied a biggest area and offered to the DATU to donate place for Barangay Site. Then Mr. Bana Anta, an ancient Blaan word meaning surrounded by creek named the place “Malawanit” with sentimental value of Barangay people.

            In 1960, the Municipal Government of Bansalan, Davao del Sur approved to separate Little Bacungan to become Barangay Malawanit under the Teniente Del Barrio Valentine Viscayno. All Barangay people need to hike or rode horses going to Bansalan Public Market, 18 klms. distance.

            In 1961-63 all Barangay people proposed to make a temporary school building with two (2) rooms for Grade I and Grade II, made of buri and round timber trees, with Mr. Avillanueva as teacher. Then until Barangay Officials requested for Assistance to address the educational needs of the people with concern person Mr. Geronimo Rupecio.

            Then 1964-65, the Local Government through the CIA, gave assistanve in the form of good lumber and G.I sheet for the Malawanit Elementary School Building. And in succeeding year from National Fund implemented/ constructed Marcos type school building with 3 rooms, and the primary school was completed. On the same year, small businesses started to emerged in the Barangay like Sari-sari store, and the 2 corn mills. The Barangay people slowly improved their standard of living by farming with tubo (sugarcane), Saging (banana), Lubi (coconut), Mais (corn), Beans, and other vegetable as major crops planted.

            Then 1969, Mr. Francisco Montipalcon, replaced the power as leader and the Barangay improved continuously. Jeepneys, trucks began to travel in the Barangay during dry season only since it is very difficult to pass by the barangay during wet season. The Barangay people adopted government program and maintained the Bayanihan system within 2 years in service.

            Then in 1972, an election was called, Punong Barangay, Montipalcon vs. Mr. Jesus Panerio and resulted to the victory of Punong Barangay Jesus Panerio, with Kag. Pagdalian, Kag. Glosenda, Kag. Amandoron, Kag. Acop, Kag. Geronda and Kag. Pasinabo. Then in the next year 1973, a project was constructed, the solar drier in Centro, Road Widening, and the construction of 3 rooms Bagong Lipunan school building at Malawanit Elementary School.

            In 1974 was the start of the promotion of programs related to Peace and Order for the safety and security of Barangay against bandits (laban sa bandido), from the Philippine Army (PA) force, and by the Government. And in 1975-78 Barangay Malawanit became a peaceful barangay, but the Arm Forces continued their Peace and Order program.

            Then in 1979 the Kabataang Barangay initiated a project, the construction of KB stage at centro Malawanit and promoted the KB Sports Program competition.

            And in 1981-82, Mr. Dionesio Geronda, replaced as OIC of Barangay Malawanit, until the Election came in for the Barangay Captain Panerio vs. Compiña and the result punong Barangay Maximo Compiña, came out victorious with Kag. Glosenda, Kag. Sugal, Kag. Bañagaso, Kag. Albaracin, Sr., Kag. Pasinabo and Kag. Mait.

            Then the Barangay Malawanit became very peaceful and have strong leaders to protect and monitor the peace and order situation of the locality, so the Arm Forces went back to the battalion camp and left the Barangay in 1983. But after one year, bad element of NPA group, came back and convinced some of Barangay members to join their groups. The Barangay became  unsafe and critical until Sept. 28, 1984. Kag. Catalino Albaracin, Sr., replaced as OIC of Barangay Malawanit, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur. And he has power in Barangay with Barangay with Barangay Officials to prevent and protect the weak, until the Local Government with the PA promoted the program in 1986 known as NAKASAKA (Nagkahiusang katawhan alang sa kalinaw) to secure the constituents. And the Philippine Army placed detachment barracks in Barangay Malawanit.

            Then 1986-1987, project and programs continued to flourished in the Barangay like the construction of Barangay Hall, the PTCA tree planting (Jemillina, Mahogany and other Trees). And in 1988, construction of Danol Overflow, 2 rooms school building and the opening of roads going to Sitio Blasan, Malawanit were implemented.

            In 1989, in the collegial electron/ highest votes Punong Barangay Ilidia Sugal was elected with Kag. Pasinabo, Kag. Albarracin, Sr., Kag. Ramirez, Kag. Limama, Kag. Glosenda, Kag. Marquez and appointed Secretary Vecentino and Treasurer C. Marquez.

            Then the program of MBLRC of MT. Carmel, gave training seminar about the SALT-slopping Agricultural Land Technology, in year 1989.

            In 1990, projects implemented were the construction of Coop building, Road concreting (125m) of Centro and Completion of Barangay Hall Office. And on the same year cooperative members adopted the SALT project.

            And in 1991, the Peace and Order program was activated again for the Safety and awareness Barangay People. In the preceding year 1992, SWAP or the Southern Mindanao Agricultural Program, gave orientation and seminars for coming project of livelihood programs, such as Swine and Goat production.

            Then in 1993 the SK Officials under SK chairman Panerio, have SK project like Stage Renovation, Concrete Bench, steel post in Centro and Amplifier sound system and the promotion of the Youth Sports Competition programs.

            In 1994 Barangay election Punong Barangay Sugal vs. D. Geronda, G. Marquez and B. Fernandez, but the winner is Barangay Captain I. Sugal, with Kag. W. Pasinabo, Kag. J. Ramirez, Kag. C. Albarracin, Sr., Kag. R. Flores, Kag. L. Bacamante, Sr., Kag. Panerio, Sr., and Kag. Serna. And they adopt all programs in the Local Government and also Treasurer C. Marquez and Secretary Vecentino.

            Then in 1996, Spring development program at Elementary School and Solar drier at Purok 3, Malawanit, were implemented with the assistance from SWAP and the Local Government Unit.

            Again Election of Barangay I. Sugal vs. J. Ramirez and R. Flores, and the result Punong Barangay I. Sugal won, with Kag. B. Belotindos, Kag. G. Mait, Kag. W. Pasinabo, Kag. Bacamante, Sr., Kag. R. Abear, Kag. S. Pendatun, Sr., Kag. Panerio, Sr., and SK chairman L. Marquez, Appointed Sec. S. Albarracin and Treasurer C. Marquez.      

In the year 1998, Spring Development Project at Purok 6 was constructed with funding assistance from MBRIC and the Coop loaned 1 unit tresher for the MAFAMCO Cooperative.

            In 1999, construction of Day Care Center, Health Center Building, Water System Purok 5, Farm to Market Road Coop project and Mango Production and lastly SK Herbal Garden were Constructed.

            Out of the Barangay IRA, from 20% development fund, for Agriculture, a Livelihood Program (Carabao and Cow Dispersal) was initiated.

            In the year 2002 Barangay Malawanit have Electrification program under the Barangay Energization Project of the DASURECO in which Purok avail 1, 2, 3,5 Malawanit, waiting shed from SP Bello, and adopted the Clean and Green program, and PAK program of Magsaysay. We also celebrated the Nutrition month of every July and the 1st celebration of Barangay Anniversary September 28, 2000 and conducted two Barangay Assembly meetings.

            And in year 2001, additional project, the Health Center materials window glass and grills from SP Molina,, Reservoir of main source and in Centro for the Spring Development Project.

            Then 2002 1st quarter, concreting of Danol road 200 m. long, from the Congressional, then on July 15, 2002 Synchronize Election joint Barangay and SK election; Barangay Captain I. Sugal vs. Rico Flores and for SK Dennis Helbes vs. Jean Clair Belotindos; winner Barangay Captain Rico Flores, with Kag. Genoveva Main, Kag. Antonia Lusanda, Kag. Pablo Caballero, Sr., Kag. Billy Panerio, Sr., Kag. Jurry Balawa, Sr., and Kag. Billy Panerio, Sr., Kag. Jurry Balawa, Sr., Kag. Leopoldo Bacamante, Sr., and Kag. Salipada Bendatun, Sr. and SK Dennis Helbes, appointed Barangay Secretary Shirley Bacamante and Barangay Treasurer Consorcia Marquez.

            Then the Newly elected Barangay Officials adopted and accepted the Project of additional Barangay site (Purok 1) for the year 2001-2002 of Barangay Malawanit, this is a 2 hectare area. And the diversion project Solar Drier overly and road rehabilitation at Centro from DA/ LGU.

            And this year 2003 Barangay Malawanit is a member of LGSP/ UDP expanded Program of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.


Punong Barangay:
Dennis M. Helbes

Contact Number:


  1. Eva P. Edrote
  2. Fablio R. Sibal
  3. Albino B. Cabanilla
  4. Antonia T. Lusanda
  5. Salipada D. Pendatun Jr.
  6. Genoveva A. Mait
  7. Christine P. Embahador

SK President: Reymark P. Pantojan
Secretary: Maynete W. Tongon
Treasurer: Lucena P. Pantojan