Mabini before is a sitio of Barangay Barayong. It is only a small barangay with more or less 6 sq. km. It is bounded by a river in its northwest the Bulatukan river and in its east the Matanao river and in its south the road that separate Mabini and Barayong. It is 3 km. Away if you travel by hiking to Barangay Sto. Niño, Bansalan or Km. 81.

Mabini, in its early year was settled by our Filipino brothers the Tagabawa tribe (Bagobo). The pioneers in the place were Odante Danggalan Clan, Onotan Clan and other minority group who was no longer in the brgy.

Then after years later, christian migrate from Visayas and Luzon to this place to seek greener pasture and better place to live in, like the Asegurado’s, Largo’s, Camasura’s, Fuentes, Davin’s, Nagum’s families and other came later.

Sometime year 1954 they plan to separate from its mother barrio Barayong which is a part of Municipality of Bansalan before. Negotiations was done by some leaders in the barrio to the Municipal government of Bansalan fomerly Miral and they were given some requirements.

  • School Site the first priority.
  • Church Site

They look for someone who will donate. A certain Odante Danggalan donates two hectares of land for the school site and Vevencia Fernandez for the church site.

The request for separation was granted, then Mr. Pedro Asegurado was appointed as Teniente del Baryo then Jose Cabahug, then Evaristo Largo. The title Teniente del Baryo was change to Barangay Captain. First Perfeto Estorco, Marcela Candedo all have past away, and there was a changed of administration and Narciso Gantalao was appointed officer. In charge of the Barangay and followed by Barangay Captain Axendino Camasura with 7 elected Barangay Councilors, and in May 1997 Cresencio G. Madera was elected as Barangay Captain with 7 elected Barangay Councilors up to the present.

Barangay Mabini was named after our National Hero Apolinario Mabini which as elected by the population. The place is 95% plain and 5% little depression. Different products are produced such as coconut, rice, corn, bananas, orchard which make the people busy everyday.
Barangay Mabini became a part of Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur when it was separated from its mother town Bansalan, Davao del Sur. Barangay Mabini as of now has 1 school with 12 Teachers and 1 head Teacher, 1 Day care Center with 2 Teacher, 3 Roman Catholic chapels, 1 Alliance church and 1 Baptist church.

The Mabini Elementary School has produces professionals like Priest, Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Midwife, Teachers, OCW’s, Seaman, Soldiers and Majority are farmers. Barangay Mabini is a progressive Barangay because of its location which is near to the market and good soil suitable to all crops and plants.

The Barangay owns an assets like the location of our Barangay Hall during the time of Barangay Captain Axendino Camasura. The Barangay site, Health Center, Day Care Center and the renovation of our Barangay hall was through the effort of our energetic Barangay Captain Cresencio Madera. And now we have Mini Gym donated by Cong. Of 1st District Honorable Douglas Ra. Cagas.


Punong Barangay:
Nolly E. Lasco

Contact Number:
0936 262 4238


  1. Felix V. Lasco
  2. Maria Teresa N. Siarez
  3. Arnel C. Denila
  4. Jose Julios F. Madera
  5. Veronica B. Aricayos (deceased)
  6. Philip Roy D. Tanduyan
  7. Darwin O. Degitos

SK President: Ahple Joy G. llanos
Secretary: Irvin B. Lagbunan
Treasurer: Jaypee G. Catalan