No one knows this place, neither the Strangers nor its own first settlers or tribes, which are the Blaans. As if it is hidden in the dark rain wood forest that settlers and wild animals and plants didn’t knew what the place was, bur only the passion and hope endure the luring nature.

Blaans were wandering settlers, but no one like Yeye Agnayan Ibon and Popoy Enon stayed the place with vision and hope that someday this place might grow and soon become a place for better generation. And so they much occupy the nicer parcel of lands within the strange place.

Then came the group of leytenos, coming particularly from Leyte. These people have more advance techniques and tilling lands unlike the Blaans that only women would till, because men were engaged in hunting. So then, they were very far behind in farming unlike the leytenos that they hectares their clearing made. Then came another tribe which were the Cebuanos and Argaonons. Those different tribes enter married, the result affected much not so uncivilized and wondrous groups of Blaans.

The history just happened accidentally, a year before the war in 1940. One day in bay falls in the creek, a narrow creek, along to it were vast wood lands. On the moment, one witnessed that falling accident of a boy, run to the parent and relatives trembling and shouting for immediate rescue, since the creek was to narrow for her to made help for that boy. But upon reaching the creek, the boy that asking for help was already cleansing himself from much mud and dirts. From then, one Cebuano exclaimed “walay kaso lig-on lang gihapon”. Upon hearing the first and second word “walay kaso” the Blaans understood and was unique to call on the creek “KASUGA”. After then, if somebody asked where will go on the fishing? Someone will answer “at Kasuga creek”, until the whole place was already known as KASUGA.

Not later, war broke out from the year 1940-1945. This place was not so affected by the violence of war. Others in some places evacuated in this place, and decided to build residence until the liberation of 1946 was made change the lives of the people of Kasuga was under the Municipality of Sta. Cruz. That time the liberation of Kasuga under the Municipality of Sta. Cruz.

That time the barrio Lieutenant in the year 1946-1947 was Mr. Marcelo Lastimoso. At that time lonely clearings or a trail was going out of the place was made. If ever there were laborers that could claimed their wages, they would go to Sta. Cruz. Complains and anything to be constructed or what was to be constructed Sta. Cruz. Was the place wherein people could go. Barrio Lieutenant holds their position in an unfixed term. Then came the time when Mr. Arcenio Geverola was the Barrio Lieutenant, in the year 1950 when Digos was organized, separating Kasuga from Sta. Cruz and become the part of Bansalan, the bigger yet organized place.

The term of Lieutenant Geverola ended. In the year 1954-1955 under Republic Act 2370, Barrio Lieutenant Cesario Sumabat succeeded in leading the place, where in the time the First tribe was already moving and leaving few of the Blaans that enter marriages and adoption of Cebuano culture hold them. Those group of Blaans stayed untouched of the new advancement or cultures of the leytenos and Cebuanos, successfully dwelt in the place, under different barrio Lieutenants. The term of Barrio Lieutenant Sumabat ended in the year 1955-1956 another Lieutenant Mr. Benito Yana replaced and it took only year to rule the place.

In the year 1958-1960 Barrio Lieutenant Julio Tabay, in his time in was more convenient because there were already jeepneys that passed by Another Lieutenant ruled the said place in the name of Mr. Ulpiano Bacalia that was in 1961-1964, more improvements was done. His term ended and Lieutenant Temploro Montero followed, in his time Kasuga was separated from Bansalan and declared as part of Municipality of Magsaysay. Lieutenant Montero turn over his service to Efipanio Carbonquillo it took only three year to resign Kasuga that was 1969-1973. He gave up and Lieutenant Melicio followed that was year 1974-1975. Lieutenant Salustiano Damian followed in the year 1975-1977. On that time the position Barrio Lieutenant was changed to Barangay Captain. Not later, Mr. Mateo Sumabat hold the position only for one year. In the year 1980-1987 the wife of Mateo Sumabat hold the position she extended her services into a well organized planned for the people she was strong enough to face the problems of the people. May 1997 political game happened, the energetic woman was defeated by most energetic, understanding and fatherly barangay captain Liberato M. Decierdo Sr. from 1997 up to the present the people in Barangay Kasuga are thankful to him, more improvements happened.

The lives of the people of Kasuga had already along long trail of achievements and survivals. A history that makes up the origin and betterment pulls upon struggles to encounter the test of life.


Punong Barangay:
Nador M. Pinto

Contact Number:
0948 474 0226


  1. James N. Balwit
  2. Anna Joy L. Quilay
  3. Agustina S. Gabion
  4. Dennis M. Mañacap
  5. Herbert Irish T. Rivera
  6. Jonathan N. Lamay
  7. Cipriano Y. Tabay

SK President: Kenneth Jay M. Mañacap
Secretary: Sherly P. Manigos
Treasurer: Ronald O. Delmo