A place blessed by god and natures; a productive place Land with a mixed dishabitants. Now some, had succeeds their goals in improvements of like for their sons and daughters; this place is blessed with 25% residents professionals.

Barayong is the place now at present but everything had a beginning; and to quote:

Before this place which is geographically located in the western part of Mt. Apo. A plain land virgin forest of its Bagobo’s, Blaan’s and Tagakaulo’s. Knowned to be the the part of Padada Valley; hence, all waters will flow downward to Padada. Now Municipality of Padada.

This place is famous of its precious tree kind called BAYONG. As the natives had the name of the place.


The sleeping virgin forest was not touch not until the Ilocanos had come to see and settle the place; lead by late Engineer JOSE NAVIDAD SR. and his company from Luzon.

Merging friendship with one of a Miztizzo Bagobo, Datu Ugpay the Navidad’s and company had settled and cultivated this agricultural land; that latter ; Cebuanos and other migrants from the Visayas had come and settle this place; to give the complete name of this place into Barayong; is a mixlation of Ilocano and Cebuano dialect. BA RA YONG means a precious Barayong tree.


The first installed government officials Barrio Officials of Barayong. On the 12th of February, 1960; Late Hon. Mayor of Bansalan, since this barriowas before under the Bansalan Municipality Hon. Mayor Ramon Delos Cientos has inducted the following officials:

This is under auspice of late Mun. Councilor of Bansalan Honorable ROSARIO P. NAVIDAD.

Barrio Lieutenant – Mr. Miguel Fernandez
Vice Barrio Lieutenant – Marting Camasura
Vice Barrio Lieutenant – Anastacio Navasca
Vice Barrio Lieutenant – Jugo Villapaz
Vice Barrio Lieutenant – Ruperto Cabias


Mr. Edelberto Najera
Mr. Benjamin dela Cruz
Mr. Anselmo Vicitacion
Mr. Ceriaco Restauro
Mr. Petronilo Abapo
Barrio Treasurer: Mr. Demetrio Mantica

These present days starting point years of New Millennium; the Brgy. Government is in operation; harnessing the best for some more development to wait and to see and witness the coming future of Barayong.

The next generation must also be concern; because of whatever failures they would be a part of the next history.


Punong Barangay:
Exequiel D. Elentorio

Contact Number:
0975 065 3134


  1. Ludwig Neil G. Agero
  2. Arnil J. Alimento
  3. Eme P. Ferolino Jr.
  4. Peter M. Alburo
  5. Joseph M. Narvaza
  6. Dominador D. Cabigas
  7. Eme P. Ferolino III

SK President: Brent Joshua M. Flores
Secretary: Sheryl G. Navata
Treasurer: Charisse B. Del Rosario