In 1938, the first settler came into place headed by Danggalan Oking a B’laan and Alliance Pastor. On the same year Alliance Church was also established. They maned the Manipi because of the crood river but later on Tulon Saban, a B’laan who is Farming upland rice engaged in hunting wild animals and fishing changes the name of the place from Manipi to Bacungan, name after the river is being called upon.

In 1941, there was a wave between Americans and Japanese. The Americans came into the place in the year 1949 up to 1950. There were no settlers yet in the center of the barangay.

In 1948 up to 1954 other settler begun coming to the place both cebuanos and B’laans. The first bisaya settlers who came to Mr. Danggalan Oking were Recopelacion and Albarico families and many others followed. This happened because the B’laans begun selling their lands.

The first appointed Teniente del Baryo of Bacungan from 1952-1953 was Mr. Alfonso Conahap, a cebuano. He was being appointed by Mr. Zacarias Bernal who at the time councilor of the Municipality of Bansalan where sitio Bacungan belonged at that time and kialeg still Barangay of Bansalan. His vice Teniente del Baryo was Mr. Supecio Recopelacion and the Rural Pulis were Mr. Juan Lasib, Mr. Eleoterio Espinosa, Mr. Miguel Warain, Mr. Damiano, Mr. Veleriano Juario and Mr. Alendajao.

Mr. Danggalan Oking was second appointed Teniente del Baryo by Ramon delos Cientos Sr. who was the Municipal Mayor of Bansalan at that time. He was appointed from 1954 up to 1960.

In 1955, the first Elementary school (Grade 1) was established. It was made of round timber and cogon. Mr. Alendajao was the first teacher at that time. In 1957, the Catholic was establishedin the area. There was an additional teacher in 1958 in the person of Miss Bagana. In the same year a long drought occured which lasted for nine months. Many people had no more food to eat. They resort to eat buri and Kulong sa Lubi. Animals still survived. In 1959, Mrs. Paulina Gutang came in as additional teacher and Mr. Agapito Abellanida in 1960.

Mr. Cepriano Divinagracia was the first elected barangay Captain in 1961. His term of office ended in 1970. Then Mr. Leoncio Saturos became the second elected barangay Captain in 1971 and ended his term of office in 1982. There was a massacre of Paborada family. In 1976 bandits attached the barangay burned the house and carried away animals of the residents. In 1972, Malaria sickness infested the area and many were killed.

Long drought happened in 1982. It lasted for seven (7) months. People felt hard in looking for their food. In 1990, a group of NPA rebels attached the army detachment headed by Sgt. Angelo but none were killed. In 1991 Leonardo Zomil who was barangay captain at that time was shoot dead. Mr. Felipe Calibay who was the first councilor succeeded the later Mr. Felimon Recopelacion was appointed as No. 7 barangay councilor. Mr. Calibay became elected barangay captain in1994. In October 17, 2000 a group of NPA rebelsharassed Purok 6 as Bangilok and burned one house and killed one resident. In March 18, 2001, group of NPA rebels attached again the army detachment headed by Sgt. Gamay. An army was, killed and 4 others were wounded, 2 army, 1 Cafgu and an NPA surrendry. In January 25, 2002 25th IB headed by Coronel Miranda replaced the detachment.

A great tragedy happened in December 23, 2002 at sitio Lower as Bangilok. A landslide happened killing four (4) horses and damages 2 hectares of coconut trees. Then late of 2003 barangay Bacungan was one of the four (4) expanded barangay of Upkand Development Programme (UDP) in Southern Mindanao up to present.

Last January 9, 2004 there was a bomb explosion, happened part in Purok 2 Bacungan, which almost killed Mayor Arthur D. Davin. The bomb exploded when FX Van type they were riding approaches thru the place were the bomb was planted. As of this time Mr. Felipe S. Calibay is still the present barangay Captain.

Barangay Officials

Punong Barangay:
Maximo C. Amaba Jr.

Contact Number:
0930 630 6432


  1. Joel A. Canoy
  2. Wilgency C. Barra
  3. Angelo M. Saban
  4. Manolo S. Pedrano
  5. Elsa A. Sanchez
  6. Alejandro D. Saturinas Jr.
  7. Raul B. Sanchez

SK President: Philip Jhun Entis
Secretary: Honey Jane Playda
Treasurer: Lady Jean Calibay