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Top 3 Destinations

Take an easy ride going to Barangay Balnate and 20 minutes walk along Talusob river and experience the astounding treat of nature hidden at the foot of Talusob White Rock Hill.

Safely climb, rapel, have fun and get wet at the cascading falls at 80 meters or try rock climbing at the 150-meter high White Rock Hill.

An ideal place for family outdoor adventure
RAPPEL OR ROCK CLIMB TO THE HEIGHT OF 350 FEET AT THE MALAWANIT LIMESTONE CLIFF at Barangay Malawanit, an adventure continues after a 2 hour hike.

GET WET rappelling along the 80 feet cascading BLASAN FALLS, and after the nerve breaking adventure upstream, a prize of nature awaits. The panoramic view of grandeur, the Province of Davao del Sur.
A 2.0 kilometer river hike for 3.5 hours.

A rare outdoor experience to offer. The nature’s exciting terrains into the deep tropical rainforest that challenges every thrill seekers. Climb, rappel and crawl with thrill and fun traversing the 465 hectares area of Mapungis.

Watch the skyscrapping rocks and the presence of endemic flora and fauna that grow in the wild. Hear the soundtrack of nature from tropical birds singing and the sounds of cascading 25 waterfalls along the way upstream.


Stalactites inside Stafungsol Cave in Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Caving Division in the region has identified the Stafungsol Cave in Sitio Blasan, Barangay Malawanit in Magsaysay, Davao del Sur as world-class and one-of-a-kind due to its beautiful formation and tourism quality.

As of this time, the assessment and survey were already done with recommendations for the formulation of the Cave Management Plan that already started today attended by stakeholders from the local and barangay governments as  well as the benefiting communities.

The Stafungsol Cave has already been frequented by adventure seekers before the series of earthquakes struck late last year.

Accordingly, its integrity and formation are still intact and that clearing operation is still ongoing to pave way for visitors to have access to go there again. (Magsaysay LGU/Anthony Allada)

Source: Philippine Information Agency